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With our extensive experiences and talents, we would like to enhance your working environment.

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We would like to represent the office furniture of Korea.

How are you?

OFFICE ANGUNSA use the best efforts to create the pleasant and convenient work environment with our creative and innovative designs.

We design the future of our customers by creating a perfect space in which people can communicate freely and work in harmony.

CEO Jeong-YongJu

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Innovative Company for Creating a Human-Oriented Living Space

OFFICE ANGUNSA is a company creating the human-oriented living space.
We are dedicated to research and development to offer the products that could fulfill the needs of our customers
and day-to-day changing trends, with creative thinking and design management.

Moreover, we strive to cultivate people of talent, and dedicate to creating the rewarding work environment.

We are aiming at developing each member’s talent
and improving our brand’s value.

Corporate culture

  • 수평적 문화

    Horizontal culture

  • 전문적 지식

    Professional knowledge

  • 고객과의 소통

    Communication with customers

  • 사회공헌

    Social contribution