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With our extensive experiences and talents, we would like to enhance your working environment.

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  • Business philosophy
  • Management strategy

The best office furniture brand, the best satisfaction

OFFICE ANGUNSA, an innovative company creating the human-oriented living space.

With thoroughly prepared strategic plans,
OFFICE ANGUNSA is aiming to achieve its innovative objective and value.


An innovative company creating a human-oriented living space

- We are dedicated to pioneering the future with future-oriented thinking and attitude.
- By establishing the business foundation for cultivating talents of our employees, we are going to lead the office furniture industry.
- By operating an effective customer communication dept, we are going to practice the customer satisfaction management through innovation and transformation.
- By creating the foundation for better living, we are trying to be a creative company in which everyone can grow and develop together.

Management strategy

Through the GSA(General Services Administration of the US), we participated in the Pyeongtaek relocation project, and supplies our products to the US military base in Guan and Okinawa; we also acquired the qualification for a supplier for the UN, Excellent Product Certificate, and quality certification for the chemical safety inspection (by the small and medium business administration), and selected as the inno-biz company and assigned as the excellent small and medium sized exporting company (by the Seoul Regional Office Small & Medium Business Administration).

  • Design

    -Development and production of ergonomic furniture and office furniture,
    designed for the intended use, and our customers’ needs

  • Specialty

    -Our goal is to design and offer the furniture suitable
    for the business environment of a company and meet the needs of various customers.

  • Client satisfaction

    -Prompt handling of any AS request for the supplied products of ours.
    Reduced emission of environmentally harmful substances by using eco-friendly materials.

Issuing authority Certification Remarks
US PPS GSA Office furniture, Dormitory furniture, library furniture
PPS Excellent product designation 72 Chemical safety labs
Small business administration Performance certificates Chemical safety test bench with double UV curing coating
Small business corporation Venture company certification Research and development enterprise
Small business administration Technology Innovation SME INNO-BIZ”A”
Seoul small business administration Export promising small business certification Export promising small business
iF Design Award Product Design Award Office desk FA-1, Arch
PPS Excellent product designation Office desk FA-1, Arch
PPS Designated PQ company for overseas procurement market Office furniture
Seoul special market Hi Seoul Brand enterprise Office desk FA-1, Arch
Korea service promotion association Korea service quality enterprise Post-product service for wooden furniture
Korea Design Institute Excellent design(GD) Office desk FA-1, Arch