The government supports the preferential purchase of products manufactured with newly developed technology for promoting the development of technology.

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What is an excellent product system?

Preferred purchase target


It is highly recommended for each institution to make a purchase of 10% or more for 6 types of technology development products.
In this regard, a person in charge of procurement shall be exempted from loss arising out of the procurement, not caused by its intention or grievance (Article 14 of te), and incentives shall be provided for companies and/or persons making purchase of small and medium enterprise-manufactured products.
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Excellent Commodities are assigned and managed by Article 18 of the Enforcement Decree of the Government Procurement Service Act (Designation of Excellent Commodities to be Procured) and the Management of Assignment of Excellent Commodities to be Procured.

Designated target

1 Excellent commodities to be procured shall be commodities or software products produced by a small/medium venture company of which the qualification for bidding has been registered at the national electronic procurement system (
2 Excellent commodities to be procured shall be the commodities prescribed in the Clause 1 and the followings:

1) The commodities, including NEP or new products certified by the competent Ministers under the enforced decree of the industrial technology innovation promotion act and of the information promotion act; or
2) the commodities to which new technologies (NET, new electricity technology) certified by the competent Ministers under the Technology Development Promotion Act, the Environmental Technology and Support Act, the Construction Technology Management Act; or
the commodities to which patents or registered utility models, registered under the Utility Model Act, and the Design Production Act, are used.

A. Quality certified products (EPC) or performance certified products (GQ) under the Act on Facilitation of Purchase of Small and Medium Enterprise-Manufactured Products and Support for Development of Their Markets, or excellent recycled products (GR) under the Act on Resource Reduction and Recycling Promotion
B. Products obtained with the Environmental Mark under the Environmental Technology and Support Act (Environmental Mark)
C. Quality certified products under the Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Act
D. Quality certified software products (GS) or industrial software international standard conformed products (ES) under the Software Industry Promotion Act

Designated period

1 Effective term for excellent commodities – It shall be three years from the date of announcement and it can be extended for up to 3 years.
2 Extend the effective period.

1) The application for extension shall be submitted, along with evidentiary documents, to the applicable department or the excellent commodity association at least one year prior to the expiration date.
2) The extension of the effective period of excellent commodities shall be reviewed for the following items and determined prior to the expiration date.

A. Validity of technologies used for the products
B. Supply history of the products for public institutions during the effective period
C. Presence of problems associated with the management of the agreement


Excellent commodities are selected from commodities and software produced by small/medium companies or venture companies.
1 NEP or NET certified products with outstanding quality (performance)
2 Green technology certified product with outstanding quality (performance)