The government supports the preferential purchase of products manufactured with newly developed technology for promoting the development of technology.

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What is the multiple supplier contract system?

“Government Procurement” refers to an activity of the government to purchase goods and services while engaging in its assignments


It is an agreement system for having 2 persons or more as its party, so the applicable organization can select the same or similar kinds of products in quality, performance, and efficiency. It provides a system that the applicable organization can freely its necessary commodities from the shopping mall (http://shopping.g2b.

Target items

1 Commodities of which the specifications(model) have been finalized and commercialized
- 3 or more companies with the annual supply of 30 million won or more
- Standard commercial specifications and inspection criterion of the industry
2 Commodities available for a unit-price agreement (including a third-party unit price agreement)
3 Other commodities deemed necessary by the Head of the Procurement Service

The details

1 Providing the companies supplying commodities of the same or equivalent quality, performance, or efficiency with opportunities to contract with the procurement service.
2 Executing the qualification inspection to inspect whether the companies are qualified for bidding and to select the types of products to be procured.
3 Companies that desire to participate and are qualified for bidding shall provide specifications and inspection reports for the qualified products, along with price-related documents.
4 The procurement service shall investigate prices on its own and determine the standard price for negotiation.
5 The price shall be negotiated based on the investigated prices and standard price for negotiation, but if negotiation is not available due to price fixing or dumping, it shall have the price council in which outside members participate, to determine a final price.
6 When the price negotiation is settled, an agreement shall be settled with multiple suppliers for each product type.
7 For each product type, products of multiple suppliers are listed in the shopping mall, the applicable.

Other main contents

1 Effective Agreement Period : 3 years
* Provided, products with short life cycles are exempted

2Even during the agreement term, it is possible to substitute with new products of enhanced performance
* Provided, it requires a consultation with the procurement service in advance

3 Green technology certified products with outstanding quality (performance)